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Dr Bawa-Garba and Manslaughter
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Fred's Blog


Monday Morning Blues

20 6 16

5 am. Dog wakes me – need to go out. Oooooh groan. Dressing gown, slippers stumble down stairs – fresh air on my face.

Damned funny time to get up. Start to think… Could I be more productive? Apportion my time…

Bed beckons. But… and there’s always a ‘but’. Can I?

Full-time neurosurgeon, prolific medico-legal expert, published author, house person to my daughter or was that slave? More productive?

But work never seemed to be ‘work’. I always enjoyed it. Never felt that even at 3 am. opening someone’s head that it was hard work.

Moving house? Some thoughts.

I’m told that the three most stressful things you can do in life are: moving house, losing someone close to you (grief) and getting divorced. The one I’d place last is maybe moving house. Grief is grief – hard work that never ends but just becomes less frequent.

What is it Leonard Cohen says in that song? ‘Everybody’s broken, like their father or the dog just died’. I’ve been an orphan for many years now, but I still miss my folks. They are part of me and remain integral in my personality and my thoughts.

Nigella Lawson, the Press and the Snow

Well looks like a bleak culinary Christmas for many with the current economic climate. It’s going to be cold and a lot of people will be tightening their belts. Maybe that’s what makes the press so hungry. They’re after copy and if they can pull someone down they will – like hungry dogs. They like nothing better than to vilify a celebrity or two especially at this time of the year. But you know, it’s true – the higher the monkey climbs the tree the more of his genitals you can see.
Poor old Nigella – there she is allegedly sniffing snow in the loo and emerging before the cameras with pupils constricted and a handful of lettuce.

An old secret for a flat stomach..

Every now and again I come across a web advertisement stating something like the above title. If you're reading this for a quick fix for your great gut I'm afraid you may be disappointed. The advertisements I'm referring to direct you to a site where you can buy some sort of 'berry' and other 'medications' and as far as I can see there is neither truth nor sense in any of that stuff. It's a scam.
Why do I say that? Well it's because when it comes down to it you get what you work for in this life.

Eating Out in North Yorkshire Near Yarm

With all the interest in my new book‘THE FAT CHEF’I figured I’d show a little food enthusiasm myself. We eat out fairly regularlyand so I know a few restaurants in my area of Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire and will recommend a couple you may or may not know about. If you ever visit up here, then they will be worth a visit. I would put them in three ranges, Cheap and Cheerful, moderately expensive and pricey. Click on the links to view their menus but not on an empty stomach!
First off there is ‘

Call me Kuchu

‘Call me Kuchu’ is a new film about homophobia made as adocu-drama concerning the adoption of a new law in Uganda making it illegal tobe gay. Not only that, but Gay/HIV positive individuals face execution. The film raises issues I suspect many men and women would rather not confront. As a nation, our people fought way back in our history against slavery, they established women’s rights and they died in a war against Nazism; they have entered wars always believing they were on the side of right, justice and fairness – at least that is what I was brought up to believe.

Missing child.

Another missing child. Kidnapped, stolen away. Like you, I feel deeply for the parents and family.
What kind of people would do such a thing? It is incumbent upon society to be vigilant. We live in a world where evil seems to be rife, yet simple measures to keep children safe seem elusive.
I realise now how lucky I've been to have had four living, healthy children but I have a feeling it is because of a degree of healthy paranoeia.
Small children trust adults. If they have happy lives where they trust the adults around them, they are doubly trusting.

Prince Harry Nude

What silly, narrow minded people the media want us to become. A young man without his clothes! Oooh Ahhh! Look everyone – nudity. How pathetic the world has become. A few snaps of any celebrity and it hits the papers, causes scandal and for what? Because we see something we all have – a naked body. If it’s so exciting - go look at your own.
I spent six weeks every summer in Sweden as a boy and youth.Nudity was nothing to even second glance at. If there was no one on the beach,it was quite normal to strip off, swim and put your swimwear back on.

The Trial by Franz Kafka -my personal view.

The Trial by Franz Kafka.
Much has been written about this book. Many opinions seem to be rife about the meaning and the basic allegory of the plot and the story.
Kafka came from a German-speaking Jewish family and lived in Prague in Bohemia.He had a background of working in a job described by his father as a ‘breadjob’ meaning he was just earning money with no career.He worked for an insurance company where he dealt with worker’s injury claims, although he had a doctorate in law.

The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene

The Power and the Glory was hailed as Greene's greatest book but after reading it for a second time many years apart, I cannot for the life of me understand why. Green was a master of characterisation and plot. His single POV style and his sparse but hugely telling descriptions were legendary. This book by contrast, was written to a plan. He wished on the one hand to condemn the polital pogrom against Roman Catholic priests in Mexico and on the other to absolve himself of his own adultarous lifestyle which he always struggled with.