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Fred's Blog


Amazon Book Reviews

As a writer, I read the customer reviews on my books on Amazon regularly. It’s hard not to become obsessed by them and like any writer I am quite sensitive to criticism. Such sensitivity no doubt is from a lack ofconfidence as I’m relatively new to writing fiction. In my real job of course, I’m much more confident as you can’t do that job if you aren’t. Most reviewers are fair and looking at what they write demonstrates that it is a matter of taste and therefore subjective whether one likes a book or not.

Independent Publishing

Working with a small independent press likeFingerpressmight to some, seem hard work. My situation shows it isn’t. You write your story;your publisher likes it and then what? Big publishing houses get your book out there in their impersonal way and although you are assigned an editor to workwith, calls will probably remain unanswered and everyone is busy. Not so in a small press and certainly not withFingerpress. You know who you’re dealing with and the attention you get in revision is amazing.

Fifty Shades of Grey

An interesting book now top of all the best-seller rankings. Who would have thought it? The writing is diabolically bad. The plot is thin. The main subject of sado-masochism doesn't exactly make it a good read either. I'm amazed that so many people like this utter tosh.
But 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is a huge success. The media love it. They want to get their teeth into it and create a bit of scandal, make people talk about a book which would make Graham Greene turn in his urn!
'Oh poor gulible people, what are you doing to yourselves?

Accuracy with Historical Fiction

I've been to Bergerac a few times. My WW2 books were inspired by the really quite moving inscriptions on the monument in the market square. Quotes from De Gaul and others, tributes to the local partisans who died. In the event, when I wrote the books - all tied into Bergerac in some way - I cheated a bit and rearranged the geography to suit he story, imagining where I would need certain buildings to suit the events. It isn't a history lesson, nor is it a holidamaker's guide book. I suppose, I could have stuck rigidly to the real place, but chose not to.

Free Book Downloads!

Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the idea ofgiving awaya couple of books in pdf format for anyone interested in Roman action / adventure stories for a limited period. Why free? I hear you ask.
It’s like this, they are really good reads and page-turners, both of them and I think you will enjoy them. No point writing books that no one gets to read!
I also have an ulterior motive. The‘AMULET I’book is the first part of a series but the second, third and fourth books are not going to be free.

Kindle, Literary Prizes and Bookshops.

Heard the other week my book ‘Barbarian’ has beenshort-listed for the Yeovil literary prize. It’s one of 13 out of about a thousand entries. I was really quite chuffed about that. I can’t see it winning though. I’ve been trying to get it published for more than a year and several literary agents have seen it but not taken it on. I suppose I could suggest it’s pearls before swine but I suspect it isn’t that. The book industry seems to be a contracting world and people working in it are understandably cautious.

How Not to Attract an Agent

OK I’ll tell you how stupid I really am. I don’t have an agent. No big deal, I have a publisher and maybe that’s more important. I’m desperate to get an agent to represent my Roman fiction books though (there are a lot of them!). There I am, at a friend’s 60th last week.
A friend drags me off and says, ‘Fred I want you meet XX, she’s a literary agent.’
After four glasses of champs and no food, I was , I admit it, a little over-refreshed. My friend had already given the poor agent a card of mine about The Cyclist and she looked up at me and said, ‘It’s self-published, is it?

Cheap and easy

Well, folks finally joined the e-book community.
Published a Roman adventure on Kindle! Dirt cheap but readable.
You can get the book, called 'Judas Scrolls' here:
It's a bit of a wild romp but does have some serious undercurrents.
A critique from a Scribendi editor said:
"painted a vivid picture with thoughtful characters and clever story development."
Try it!
Can't help wondering whether it's impatience or laziness which makes a writer publish his own books, but hell, why wait?