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The Promise

Note de l'auteur

Je dois expliquer pourquoi je l'ai utilisé des morceaux de texte du livre d'Albert Camus l’étranger tout au long comme têtes de chapitre.

Il a écrit de son livre "Il y a longtemps je résume l'étranger dans une phrase que je réalise est extrêmement paradoxale. «Dans notre société, tout homme qui ne pleure pas à l'enterrement de sa mère est susceptible d'être condamné à mort».

The Cyclist and an Inspiration

I was recently invited to do a guest blog post. I felt it was worth placing here too:

The Cyclist and an Inspiration

Fredrik Nath

The early morning sunlight flickered from behind the high clouds and reflected golden and crisp from the monument in Bergerac’s market square. Around me, shoppers bustled and in the roadway a car beeped its horn. The grey stone pillar rose fifteen feet above me, its shadow pointing away towards the elm trees that line the roadway. A smell of garlic wafted as I read those brave words that showed the strength of the French and France’s indomitable leaders.

Self-publish Your Book Now! (Episode 4)

If you’ve been following the thread so far, you should now have the following assets:

1.      PDF of your book

2.      .mobi file of your book

3.      .epub version

4.      PDF of the cover

5.      .jpeg of the cover.

Go to:

You are now able to create an account.

Click ‘add new title’

Name your book and select ‘paperback’ then click ‘get started’ on the ‘guided’ banner.

Making a cover for your book.(Episode 3)

If you’ve read and done the previous two posts you will now be in possession of three files: .pdf; .mobi; .epub. Next you design your cover. What sort of cover you make depends on your individual preference. I like dark/light relatively non-busy covers. On Kindle all you get is a small avatar view of the cover, so why waste time putting a lot of writing in small print that no one can read? That’s up to you though. The final print-ready cover is a bit different though I think the less you put on the cover, the more the picture stands out.

Easy self-publishing (Episode 2)

This post is intended to allow you to produce nice, clean files, ready for uploading to your publishing source.

Firstly, write a book. Really, write your novel. Put it away for a few weeks. Then edit it on-screen. Then print it out and go through it with a red felt-tip and correct and re-write. It’s because you can’t afford to have any typos or clumsy sentences. When you’re certain you’ve licked it – ask a friend to read it. No friends? Pay someone to read it. The publishing arm I use comes up with ‘We have found x typographical errors as follows:’ then they shred your editing for you.

How to self-publish your book (Episode 1) - a Quick, Easy Solution!

When my publisher told me in December he wasn't going to publish any more books for the time being, it hit me hard. We'd published the first book of a quadrilogy calledAMULET. I had four more books written and ready to go - all dressed up and nowhere to go! To cap it all he was poised to publishGaldir IVthe next instalment of theGaldir series. I had one more French resistance novel written as well.

I tried poking a few agents and publishers but despite my having sold 30,000 copies of the Cyclist and plenty more of the Roman books, no one showed interest.

Inferno by Dan brown

I’ve just startedDan Brown’s ‘Inferno’. I’ve seen the previous Dan brown movies but never read his books. I tried once with the first one but found I disliked the writing  style so much I never finished the book. This time because of the great accolades the book has received, I became curious to see if his style of writing might have changed.
Afraid I still don’t like the writing. It makes my fingers itch to edit – I could cut maybe half the book and not lose a second of the action.

The Fat Chef

The Fat Chefis now available on Amazon both as Kindle and paperback. Maybe an audiobook soon too! So what's all the fuss about - just a book eh?
Well, no not just a book. It's a character - Raoul Verney Executive Head Chef of L'hotel Metro a fictional top Paris hotel commandeered by the Germans in 1940.
Character is plot and in this book Raoul is a lot of plot - huge in fact. There are also some recipes. Why? How could one write about a chef and not show him cooking? He cooks with passion -

The Fat Chef

Well here it is at last! My fourth book in the WW2 trilogy. Yeah, Ok, an oxymoron but gosh how do you change your whole website to accommodate the next few books?The Fat Chefis set in Paris and I originally based it in the famous ‘Le Meurice’. I even planned to go stay there for awhile to see first-hand what it was like. When I checked out the cost I decided discretion is the better part of valour and figured I could write the book even if I didn’t have first-hand  knowledge of the place.

The New Book - Francesca Pascal

The third novel in the trilogy is 'Francesca Pascal. It's written from a woman's perspective. I found that pretty hard as I've lived with women all my life but still don't understand them. Writing from a perspective where one has to put oneself into a female role betrays all one's weaknesses. The storyline is loosely built upon what happened to Lise Lesevre, a resistance worker who was captured by Klaus Barbie towards the end of the war. Yes, it is a harrowing account. Yes it is interspersed with action which is the part of my writing I like best (see Galdir I and II).