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I think sometimes that our problem in Britain is that the voting population is not so bright. Any nation who could vote in three successive Socialist governments in the face of a predictable economic decline cannot be MENSA material. We now seem to lurch from political crisis to political crisis and although we have plenty of politicians (who look forward 5 or less years) we have no statesmen who look ahead generations. There is an Aesop fable which seems to me to demonstrate where we are with our democratically voted Brexit.

Windrush, Politics and Prejudice

The plight of the Windrush families and their British naturalisation is a topic quite close to my heart.
My father was born in India, you see. When WW2 broke out, he came to Britain, joined the RNR and as a ship’s doctor had quite a bad war in the Pacific, North Atlantic and Mediterranean. He held a British passport and settled as a GP in Bermondsey once the war ended in 1947. He obtained British naturalisation without difficulty, because he was a British subject and that did not change until the immigration act of 1948.

Osborne's tax return

Mr Osborne wants us all to see his tax return, so it is mooted in the press. It surprises me that he thinks anyone is interested. I would be more interested in seeing his pension plans and whether they are linkedto CPI or RPI. Most public sector workers now face the prospect of a 20% reduction in their hard-earned pension in the first fifteen years of retirement. I wonder if he does?
Transparency in how much the policicians earn is engendered by self-interest. This is because the figures when they are in Parliament will be offset by the 'two homes' and expenses claims.

Benefit Fraudsters!

Government cutbacks in benefits and Disability support is a subject close to most tax-payers hearts. How often do we hear people bemoaning the abuse of the system by people who have never worked, claimed all their life to be disabled, or claim unemployment benefit because they don’t want to work? Well, I have my view too. We live in a supportive society. It is one where starving people begging in the streets are noteable by their absence. Yet there are some who abuse the system. It would cost as much as the savings to catch such people out and I think they are the necessary price we pay for having an advanced system of support.

Politicians, Cycle-helmets and Hypocrisy

‘Who is that idiot on that bicycle? He’s not wearing a cycle helmet’.
‘Really? That’s strange, he’s the UK minister for transport, responsible for road safety and cycling.’
‘Oh, right, I hear you. So it’s alright for him to go bare-headed but the rest of us have to wear helmets. Maybe it’s OK to not wear one?’
 ‘No, no, it’s just he preferrs not to’.
‘What about his kids?
‘Well, they asked him whether he felt his kids should wear cycle-helmets on BBC Radio 4 this morning, since you ask.’
‘Yeah? What did he say?

Maybe it isn't all that bad!

So they stabbed the students in the back.  Predictable wasn't it?
All that can be done now is a sort of damage limitation thinking.
What bothers me most is the future generations of students of all types who will exit with debts of a minimum of £18,000 once they graduate. Larger figures are bandied about because you need to add student loans on top and some universities will charge £27,000. So, maybe an average degree  from a cheap university will cost you £25-30,000 to be paid back once you are earning over £21,000.

Students Unite!

In France they are used to student protests. They happen with monotonous regularity. In this country, students are expected to quietly sit back and put up with the SH** handed out by politicians. Flying fire-extinguishers seem to be the narrow focus of the media but no one seems to touch on the arrogant hypocrisy of escalating university fees which will inevitably squeeze the less affluent in our society out of academic opportunities and a worthwhile future.
University education is to become the province of rich men's sons and why?