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London, Riots and Politicians

Not blogged for a while, so thought I should catch up on the old recent events thing.
Since the riots last week we now have two opposite views on why they happened and how to deal with it.
The Labour view, expressed by Ed Minibrain, is that this country has too many rich people who only care about money so it’s changed social attitudes and they should be taxed more, so that poor people won’t want to steal, assault policemen and damage property.
Then there is the Conservative view from David Cameras-on, shock horror, sickening and we’ll stamp them out and leave them homeless and that’ll teach them.

A shortage of Doctors!

So the Gov., bless their cotton socks, are telling people how there is a shortage of doctors (according to BBC News) and Trusts are spendinghuge amounts on locums to cover rotas, making patients safe again! Well I’ve got news for them. They are entirely responsible for any shortages. It’s a direct result of the immigration policy preventing Asian doctors from working in the UK. We had a good system before. Indian and Pakistani doctors came here,trained and went home. While they were here, they worked filling the junior posts and rotas worked because in the next tier there were smaller numbers.

Access to Justice Just Got Worse!

So on today’s menu the starter is ‘Cuts’. No not best cuts of meat, but cuts in the infrastructure of our society. The Government in their wisdom now want to cut legal aid for all medical negligence cases. It will have far-reaching effects on an area of litigation where legal aid is most needed.
So you are treated by a doctor or surgeon and he does it wrong. You have suffered loss, maybe lost your job through disability caused directly by negligence. Well, you could argue that’s just tough, but if you want to claim for your losses and fight a big corporation like the NHS Litigation Authority it will cost you money.

David Cameron Rides again!

Makes you want to laugh doesn’t it? There are the PM and his deputy in hospital, interviewing a patient. Cameras all around, a security team too. Heh Heh! In comes the Consultant who screams‘I won’t have it! Get out.Why do you think we all have to dress like this! I won’t have it! Get out!’ Maybe he’s not in the running for a knighthood now.
Well, I’ll tell you what it was all about really.
Hospital doctors have been forced to abandon formal dress in suits for a short-sleeved, no tie approach to supposedly reduce the chance of infection on out clothes.

Fat, fat, and fat.

When you are born, the body fat is mainly ‘brown fat’. It is peculiar to babies. It produces massive amounts of heat and energy when the body burns it and is remarkably efficient in a chemical sense. That’s why a baby can stand exposure to low temperatures and remarkably, survive.
Sadly, life ain’t that good as you get older. You end up burning normal podgy yellow fat. It burns slower but produces less heat. It is stored in fat cells in all those embarrassing places we don’t want to show people. When you are young, you have a finite number of fat cells.


My out-patient clinics seem to be transmuting into book-signings and judging by the people asking me medical stuff at my last book-signing, the converse is true as well.
One patient at the end of the consultation in my clinic, said, ‘On a different matter, Mr Nath, I read your book and thought it was very good.’
‘Thank you,’ I said.
‘Are you very religious yourself, then?’
‘No, I’m an atheist,’ I replied.
‘Oh I just wondered because the main character was so religious.’
‘But,’ I said, ‘that is a fictional character; it isn’t me.