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Shamima Begum

This girl has been castigated and disenfranchised because she left the UK to go to the IS. At the time she was 15 years of age. When she entered the refugee camp in Syria, she was heavily pregnant, and she now has a baby boy.
Much controversy surrounds the mother and child. Many seem to think that she is a Muslim Jihadist and allowing her to return to the UK poses a threat to our security.
My initial reaction was that it serves her right because the faction she left the UK to join is without doubt, by western standards, evil. There are not may people who would disagree with this and international efforts to erase IS seem to be successful. It would be described in Horrible History (a humorous book looking at British History) as a GOOD THING and I think few could argue otherwise.
The Home Office Minister, Mr Javid, has revoked her British citizenship and she is now stateless. Serves her right, did I hear you say? The regime to which she clung since 2015 was evil. How could she have been convinced otherwise?
Well folks, the simple fact is that there are many older and wiser British people who have been ‘radicalised’ and convinced to fight for Islamic extremism. I agree they are mostly unemployed morons who have abused our benefits system and have no gratitude for the country which has raised them in safety in an unsafe world. Hence my first reaction was to think precisely that - yes, make her stateless – we don’t need such people in our country.
Thinking deeper though, one has to realise that a 15-year-old is a child; on the cusp of adulthood, but a child nonetheless. Children make mistakes. I’ve had 4 children in my time, and I can recall many times when they got it wrong and needed help to make good decisions. Ms Begum may not be a child any longer but her life-changing stupid mistake was made when she was. It strikes me that leaving her stateless is an injustice because although her child can enter the country she cannot. She would be separated from her child for life and end up somewhere like Kazakstan on her own with inadequate means to support herself.
All I’m saying is that I think we have to question what we have become – are we really ruthless, unforgiving and unkind? That is not the British way. It never has been. A little more understanding and kindness is needed here in my opinion although she has to be watched very closely, we should allow her back here to show that we are better than the radical fanatics and terrorists and that our country stands for more than plain law-keeping. I think we need to show the world our quality.

Bet loads of people disagree, but a child who makes a stupid mistake deserves forgiveness, understanding and guidance, not disenfranchisement.

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Bren on 24 February 2019 09:21
I agree. She has also seen two of her children die. She is undoubtedly afraid to say that she dislikes Isis. I can't imagine how hard her life has been. I don't see how Javid can prevent her from returning. Her child is allowed to come to the UK, with his primary carer, Which is his mother. There are some unpleasant hate mails being spread at the moment but many, more forgiving people, agree on her being allowed to return.
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Jason Bravo on 02 March 2019 07:35
I am glad to read about ay baba g here.
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