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Trigeminal Neuralgia


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Fred's Blog

February 2012

Accuracy with Historical Fiction

I've been to Bergerac a few times. My WW2 books were inspired by the really quite moving inscriptions on the monument in the market square. Quotes from De Gaul and others, tributes to the local partisans who died. In the event, when I wrote the books - all tied into Bergerac in some way - I cheated a bit and rearranged the geography to suit he story, imagining where I would need certain buildings to suit the events. It isn't a history lesson, nor is it a holidamaker's guide book. I suppose, I could have stuck rigidly to the real place, but chose not to.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

This is an information leaflet available to my patients and does not imply that this is appicable to you or your Consultan'ts practice. Not everyone would agree with all the statements made here, so if you have this condition, or think you have, you need to consult your own doctor.
Trigeminal Neuralgia
An Information Leaflet
 What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?
This is a condition, which is characterised by very severe facial pain.  it is worse than a labour pain - I'm told.

iPhone 5

It seems that if you're buying an iPhone 4S, maybe you should consider waiting for this summer or possibly the autumn before changing phones. The new iPhone 5 is due out, with a bigger screen and a slighly increased length and width. It is a diffent aesthetically portrayed iPhone.
For my part, I'm going to wait. You?

Is the NHS Dying?

For thirteen years we put up with a sort of 'Animal Farm' change in NHS culture - 'more for less' was the dogma - pay freezes etc. It functioned but at a lower level than before - a knd of dumbing down of expertise and ability. It became rather like the principle in schools where some stopped having a Sports Day becaus some kids might get upset if they didn't win.
Now the conservatives (coalition my a***). They want change for change's sake to convert the NHS into a kind of competetive 'free-for-all' market place.

Whiplash Injury

Here's an article 'wot I rote' on Whiplash injury of interest to patients, lawyers etc:
(Excuse the word spacing - cut and paste isn't too good on this website!)
Whiplash Injury
Fred Nath FRCS
The term Whiplash injury is probably one of the most misused terms of all the medical terminology. The layman, some health professionals and the majority of lawyers use it incorrectly. This is because whiplash is a specific term thatrefers to a specific mechanism of injury and has characteristic pathological consequences.

A Million Pound Bonus, a Cure for National debt and My Pension

Much is being written of thebanker who working for an unsuccessful and largely state-owned bank has beenawarded a million quid for sitting on top of a pile of manure for a year. Well, I for one, don’t mind as long as the bank is doing well. It is usual inbusiness to reward those who work well with a bonus, if the company is doing well. Frankly, RBS isn’t doing well at all. They owe the tax-payer a fortune and if you ask me – I’m sure you won’t – no one deserves bonuses in an industry which is partly responsible for the complete wrecking of the nation’s finances.