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Fred's Blog

May 2011

Benefit Fraudsters!

Government cutbacks in benefits and Disability support is a subject close to most tax-payers hearts. How often do we hear people bemoaning the abuse of the system by people who have never worked, claimed all their life to be disabled, or claim unemployment benefit because they don’t want to work? Well, I have my view too. We live in a supportive society. It is one where starving people begging in the streets are noteable by their absence. Yet there are some who abuse the system. It would cost as much as the savings to catch such people out and I think they are the necessary price we pay for having an advanced system of support.

Fat, fat, and fat.

When you are born, the body fat is mainly ‘brown fat’. It is peculiar to babies. It produces massive amounts of heat and energy when the body burns it and is remarkably efficient in a chemical sense. That’s why a baby can stand exposure to low temperatures and remarkably, survive.
Sadly, life ain’t that good as you get older. You end up burning normal podgy yellow fat. It burns slower but produces less heat. It is stored in fat cells in all those embarrassing places we don’t want to show people. When you are young, you have a finite number of fat cells.