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Fred's Blog

April 2011

The Royal Wedding, the Monarchy, My View.

So there’s this Royal Wedding coming up. It seems to have brought a plethora of different reactions.Even T-moblie have their take on it.Poking fun at people is often a compliment and I must admit I thought it was very funny. They used look-alikes not technical tricks.
But what bugs me most about it, is those people who state that they are against the Monarchy and winge on about the tax-payer having to fork out to support what they seem to feel is an unneccessary, obsolete elitist group, who do nothing for the country.

How Not to Attract an Agent

OK I’ll tell you how stupid I really am. I don’t have an agent. No big deal, I have a publisher and maybe that’s more important. I’m desperate to get an agent to represent my Roman fiction books though (there are a lot of them!). There I am, at a friend’s 60th last week.
A friend drags me off and says, ‘Fred I want you meet XX, she’s a literary agent.’
After four glasses of champs and no food, I was , I admit it, a little over-refreshed. My friend had already given the poor agent a card of mine about The Cyclist and she looked up at me and said, ‘It’s self-published, is it?

Politicians, Cycle-helmets and Hypocrisy

‘Who is that idiot on that bicycle? He’s not wearing a cycle helmet’.
‘Really? That’s strange, he’s the UK minister for transport, responsible for road safety and cycling.’
‘Oh, right, I hear you. So it’s alright for him to go bare-headed but the rest of us have to wear helmets. Maybe it’s OK to not wear one?’
 ‘No, no, it’s just he preferrs not to’.
‘What about his kids?
‘Well, they asked him whether he felt his kids should wear cycle-helmets on BBC Radio 4 this morning, since you ask.’
‘Yeah? What did he say?