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Fred's Blog

January 2011

The book signing!

So, another book signing session, this time in Middlesbrough at Waterstones Booksellers Feb 19 11-12 noon.
Ho hum!
Mixed feelings. The last one was at the height of the snows and it seemed to keep almost everyone away. Maybe it was the weather or maybe not. Maybe I have an exalted opinion of my own image locally. Image? Do I have one? No that’s maybe the wrong word. Caricature might be better.
To prepare, this time I’m going to have my publisher send some posters (they didn’t arrive at the last signing because the delivery was delayed because of the weather).

Guns Galore

In the US the ‘Gun Lobby’ advocates freedom to carry arms for all Americans. They believe they have a fundamental right to do so. Of course it’s nothing to do with the massive gun manufacturing and training industry, they say. Here in the UK there is no such freedom. Even the Police don’t routinely carry guns. Having recently taken up clay pigeon shooting I’ve realised I’m petrified by such weapons. Every time I pick up a shotgun, I’m aware of what can happen. Don’t know if it’s because I’ve treated shotgun injuries to the head or whether it is only a natural caution because of my age.

Ode of a Lost Romance.

Every student looks forward to the long 'vacs' in summer sunshine, when outdoors mean pleasure and fun. Port Erin was my destination that year and I viewed it with more trepidation than previous holidays. I obtained a job for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, helping to catalogue histological slides of fish blood (Plaice –Pleuronectes Platessa). The high spot came at the barbecue on the beach. Duncan who worked at the marine Biology Institute arranged for the Mutton to be slow-roasted by a local Baker in his ovens the previous day.

Thoughts about the NHS

First blog of the New Year!
Perhaps 2011 will be a year of reflection or maybe a year of success but one thing is certain, none of us can predict what will happen.
That is the undercurrent in my book ‘The Cyclist’. It is about a man who struggles with the principles with which he leads his life. He confronts a brick wall when, in the end, events around him challenge his morals and he must either go with the flow or stand up against a sea of conflict.
Anyone drawing conclusions about similarities with working in the modern-day NHS might be on the right track.