Maybe it isn't all that bad!
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Fred's Blog

Maybe it isn't all that bad!

So they stabbed the students in the back.  Predictable wasn't it?
All that can be done now is a sort of damage limitation thinking.
What bothers me most is the future generations of students of all types who will exit with debts of a minimum of £18,000 once they graduate. Larger figures are bandied about because you need to add student loans on top and some universities will charge £27,000. So, maybe an average degree  from a cheap university will cost you £25-30,000 to be paid back once you are earning over £21,000.
The principle involved in all this is an opression. If you are willing to take on a ten year repayment scheme you can get a degree. Mind you, there won't be any jobs for the people who come out of university with a degree so maybe it's a safe bet that you won't have to pay the money until the economy picks up.
Bright people from lower socio-economic groups aspiring to university, see £30,000 as a huge sum of money. Spread out over a long period and without interest it won't feel so bad. £3000 per year out of over £21000. It's a lot but it is doable - just. A mortgage of say £500 plus another£250 each month could still be affordable on £25,000. Must say I wouldn't feel encouraged to sign up to that if I was a schoolboy.
So maybe cheer up. There was nothing you students could do to change the goverment's mind.
The Limpdems lied to get elected but it's a double edged weapon. I can predict they won't get many votes from young people in the future and they are the voters who count most.
I wouldn't want to be in their shoes next election. They came as close to getting into government as they ever have done before and in one fell stroke destroyed it by failing to keep the promises they made.

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Anonyms on 06 July 2018 16:39
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