How to self-publish your book (Episode 1) - a Quick, Easy Solution!
A World War 2 Trilogy - By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)
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Fred's Blog

How to self-publish your book (Episode 1) - a Quick, Easy Solution!

When my publisher told me in December he wasn't going to publish any more books for the time being, it hit me hard. We'd published the first book of a quadrilogy called AMULET. I had four more books written and ready to go - all dressed up and nowhere to go! To cap it all he was poised to publish Galdir IV the next instalment of the Galdir series. I had one more French resistance novel written as well.

I tried poking a few agents and publishers but despite my having sold 30,000 copies of the Cyclist and plenty more of the Roman books, no one showed interest. I’m no less sensitive than the next writer – believe me – so I became a bit hacked off. I emailed a friend and author, Gordon Docherty. He’s a prolific Roman Novel writer and he’s always been independent and self-published. The point about Gordon is that he can write. Not only does he write – he publishes. His books about the Roman legions are popular and best-selling. Since he publishes the books himself, he gets full royalties.

Gordon came back to me with a couple of websites one of which was Create Space – Amazon’s publishing arm. I had no idea what to do, but as I already had .pdf and .mobi versions of my books (subject of my next post) and as I explored the Amazon package it all became easy.

Yes! Easy!

In a month, I’ve published five books. Amulet II, III, IV:

Theyare now in print and available through Amazon in both kindle and in print. (click on the image)

I’m writing this post because until Gordon pointed me in the right direction I had no idea how easy it was to self-publish. I didn’t know how to design and make a cover.

Selling of course is a different matter. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to promote and sell. I ain’t got that time.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll give you the walk-through on how to produce your books in a file format that is easy and useable. I’ll give you some info on how to easily get, and produce, tip-top covers and how to use Create Space to your advantage.

I don’t have much time for the book stuff these days – I’m a single parent and have a house to run, I’m a full-time neurosurgeon and medico-legal expert and I’m a writer. You can understand that I can only do stuff the easy way and you can do it too!

Catch the other posts when we’ll concentrate on how to produce the necessary files for $99!

Check back next week but if you’re a writer, maybe you would like to spread the word – I promise you my advice works and it’s quick and easy.

There is also an easy guide to the whole business available online: It is worth checking out. 

1 Comment to How to self-publish your book (Episode 1) - a Quick, Easy Solution!:

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Rob on 06 January 2016 10:40
Lord, Fred, (Not Lord Fred) how do you sell 30,000 copies of a book? I have self-published on Amazon for Kindle and have sold about 75 in a year. Promotion is the key but also that flame of recommendation from readers. Haven't cracked the how to on the promotion side yet. Twitter certainly does not work. I had a website and that did not work either. Looking forward to your updates.
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