Nigella Lawson, the Press and the Snow
A World War 2 Trilogy - By FRED NATH (Novelist and Neurosurgeon)
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Fred's Blog

Nigella Lawson, the Press and the Snow

Well looks like a bleak culinary Christmas for many with the current economic climate. It’s going to be cold and a lot of people will be tightening their belts. Maybe that’s what makes the press so hungry. They’re after copy and if they can pull someone down they will – like hungry dogs. They like nothing better than to vilify a celebrity or two especially at this time of the year. But you know, it’s true – the higher the monkey climbs the tree the more of his genitals you can see.
Poor old Nigella – there she is allegedly sniffing snow in the loo and emerging before the cameras with pupils constricted and a handful of lettuce. She is a great cook – her recipes work and she’s admired by many also for her appearance. Isn't that enough? I can’t see that publicising details of her marriage, her private life and her recreational situation does anything but harm the image of the press. It’s irrelevant and makes no difference to whether I would use her recipes – many of them festive, fun and tasty!
Like Raoul Verney I suspect many celebrity chefs have skeletons in the closet, though Raoul’s sins are way beyond anything Nigella could claim to have.
Leave her alone for heaven’s sake! What people do in their own time has nothing to do with their image or their knowledge of food and wine. She’s no different to half of the people in Tinsel Town. They’re all at it. Why pick on her? Nothing she’s done is as bad as the things that went on in the BBC in the sixties – is it? Damned self-righteous TV presenters pretending they’re squeaky clean. As I recall there was at least one children’s presenter (Blue Peter?) who was taking cocaine.
Don’t misunderstand I think drug users are stupid, anti-social and self-harming, but that doesn't necessarily make them evil. Many do drugs from a psychological base of insecurity and being ill-informed of the dangers. They need to be understood and helped not vilified by the press.

Cheer up Nigella – it’s a nine-day wonder and will be forgotten once the press have made their money feeding off the carcass of story.

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